Friday, June 15, 2012

All the Things You Missed

Life has been busy around here! Since I posted Phillip finished his first year of law school, had a birthday and started training for his two summer triathlons. Porter tuned 3 and is now fully potty trained!!!! Lincoln is now 7 months and crawling (which is ruining my life). We had family visit, took an unexpected trip home for a funeral, and we moved. Did I cover it all...? 

Porter on his 3rd birthday

With Dad after opening presents

 My greatest Idea yet, put the crawling baby and a friend in a small space where neither can escape 

 The crawling monster

My big boy and a random pig

 Phillip and the boys after school ended PS Phillip did AWESOME his first year! So proud.

Lincoln enjoying "a lick" of my cookie

The aftermath of his eating

Porter going through the tunnel on the way to grandmas, he loves those tunnels 

More of the basket, seriously I'm such a good mom! Ha, I was a bit embarrassed by how many of these pictures I had. I swear my kids don't just hang out in a basket all day. Honestly, I kind of wish they would though...


Chris said...

Good to see that you are alive and doing good. How cute are your boys and congrats on the first year done. Sorry about the death in the family, and did you move just to a different place but in the same area?

BECKY said...

I can't think of ANYthing wrong with the basket!

A Wink and a Smile said...

your family is so cute! why am i not surprised you have two boys.