Friday, October 5, 2012

A hundred posts in one

Playing catch up is what this post is all about. Cause I know you have missed these faces!

In the end of June we made it home to my family reunion which was so much fun! All my siblings made it for the day at the giant water slide and it was pretty incredible.
I love this picture because it is all my sisters/sister-in-laws and we didn't even plan it. We are just that awesome.
This is a comparison of pictures of my boys with my grandfather. The left is Porter 3 years ago at his first family reunion. And the right is Lincoln with my father and grandfather. Such good men who I hope my boys take after. 

Porter and cousin Max in the bounce house; there were SO many cousins! 
We were back in Idaho just a week later after my grandmother passed away very unexpectedly. We were so blessed to see her at the reunion and make some last memories. My favorite was grandma going down the huge water slide...  This is all the Gardiners that made it home to celebrate Grandma. 
While we were there we celebrated the 4th of July!
Porter was a BiG fan of the fireworks! Loves things that explode, he gets that from his father. 
And because we hadn't worn them out enough, we packed up and went to see the Wulfs back in Wyoming. 

This is how Lincoln felt about the fireworks; I love his look! 
We made it home and I tried to get some pictures of the boys one Sunday. This is how my efforts were rewarded. 
Enjoying some down time at home in between trips. Man this kid LOvEs the tub! But hates the pool we discovered, go figure... 
After a week at home we were off yet again for a trip to Iowa to see all the Wulfs. We did a quick stop at Mt. Rushmore because everybody needs to see it once. 

Phillip and I at the lake in Iowa by were my father-in-law grew up. 
All 11 of the Wulf siblings and their spouses. The first picture all together since g-ma and g-pa Wulf passed away. 
Phillip's family

Home again for good this time and so we started a few projects. Re-did my dining room chairs, made new pillows, batches of freezer jam, and decided to re-do the boys room (not pictured, I'll get on that). 

Celebrated my 28th birthday and our 5th anniversary. I couldn't love this man more if I tried! 
Porter discovered the I-pad and is a fan to say the least. 
But he still makes time for saving the world and being awesome.
Summer ended and my baby started Pre-school! He loves it and is thriving in the new environment.
Took a weekend trip to Denver with some great friends and attended a women's conference. Thanks to an amazing husband for holding down the fort! 
And this one is just because they are adorable! 
Glad the summer is done and over! On to fall, holidays and hopefully more great times with great people. A big thanks to everyone we got to see on our many trips! 

Still to come: family pictures (finally did them, hurray!), another trip home next week, and the Gardiner's mission call.


Amber said...

What a fun-filled time! Such cute little boys you have!

BECKY said...

such happy pics!

Zack, Shannon and Oliver said...

I miss you, I miss you, I miss you!! I can't believe how big your kids are. And HELLO, love the painted chairs- love the yellow, my favorite! Wishing I was there, or you were need to call me!