Monday, October 24, 2011

Porter update

I thought a Porter post was in order because it may be his last as a solo-child. Porter is becoming more set in his ways than ever (if that is possible). You will notice in the recent pictures his hair is longer than it ever has been. Well not because I want it to be but he has decided that haircuts are not for him! He fights like a demon when I even suggest it so... I am waiting on a miracle. He still lets me dress him but refuses to wear certain coats. How is that for ridiculous, especially here where a coat is a MUST. 

He is talking up a storm, can count and knows his shapes and letters. He is like a giant sponge which is awesome and so NOT awesome at the same time. The other day he wanted my attention when I was talking to a neighbor so he began yelling  "focus mommy, focus." Uhh ya that is definitely something I say to him when he is not listening to me. 

He is convinced that he is Buzz Lightyear and that we are going to name the new baby Woody. I can't say that I agree with his choice but it is the only indication that he knows a new baby is coming; so I am grateful he kind of gets it, maybe... Ok Probably not. But this baby is coming and we are hoping it doesn't destroy his entire existence. 

 This next picture is a testament of my awesomeness as a mother. We got snow here (and not a little, 4+ inches) and Porter wanted so badly to play with the snow. Well there was no way I was going out with him so we brought the snow in to him! He lasted an hour (I changed the snow once) and we had no clothes to dry and fingers to unfreeze, it was lovely. I am converted to bringing the snow inside :) 
 A random habit he is into right now is wearing his socks on his hands. My guess is winter will cure this habit. 
 Picking pumpkins with Grandpa Gardiner. He loved washing them off. Wonder where he gets his strange OCD clean tendencies from...?

Man I love this kid! He has recently learned the concept of big & small; I don't know if I appreciate being told I am "big" ten times a day but he is so smart and I appreciate him understanding the concept :)  Here is to my soon to be big boy and how wonderful he makes every day! 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

One Month

One more month... Saying that should make me feel better but somehow it just sounds depressing. A whole month of no sleep, feet in my ribs, heartburn that is seriously killing me, waddling around, blah blah blah... All you mothers out there know the drill.

Like Phillip says "it is only a month!" So why does another month sound so awful?!? To end this rant on a high note: At least I'm not an elephant I'd have like 16 months to go (not to mention I'd be birthing an elephant). :)