Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why you should never sleep in...

I am sleeping soundly when Phillip comes in and announces that it is time to cut hair. I roll over. I hear him say he is going to cut Porter's hair if I have no objections. I fake asleep. Here is the result of my laziness.

The Before: My adorable baby with a head of gorgeous blond hair (and a serious "I will crush you face")

The right before: Phillip even spiked it up to get a good shot of what he was about to hack off..

The After: A still adorable but seriously bald looking baby! I can't say if he looks more like a little old man, an army recruit, or a cancer survivor but I don't think any of the above are good looks for a baby.

O and I still get the closed eye crooked grin.

Lessons Learned: #1 When Phillip says he is going to cut Porter's hair what he really means is "Maggi get out of bed or I am going to butcher our sons hair." And #2 Don't be so incredibly lazy and ignore your husband when he makes these threats because when all is said and done he'll say "I told you I was going to do it and you didn't object." I hope I learned my lesson, I would hate to see what happens next time...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Hurray for spring!

We were excited for Easter this year because it was Porter's first and holidays are just way more fun with little people around. However, Porter definitely missed the memo on hunting Easter eggs! We set him down about 3 feet from a bright shiny egg thinking he would do the rest, but no, he just sat and looked at us (with a very disgusted look) and then began pulling grass.

I finally just handed him the egg so I could get my picture :) He still wasn't that impressed.

Then he found the things inside and he realized he kind of liked those eggs and he wouldn't let them go for anymore pictures. And of course he began stealing them from other little people sitting too close. He wouldn't even let them go when dad began tossing him around... He liked those eggs.

Can't wait for next year...