Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Lawn Gnome

I always wondered why people have lawn gnomes. I mean who wants creepy little elf like men with pointy hats in their front yard? Well after last Sunday I have begun to understand their charm.

This sweater Porter is wearing (in the picture below) was made by a lady in our last ward and it is fabulous. It zips all the way up the back to the tip top of his head (makes it super-duper easy to get on) and the best part is the zipper makes the top pointed so he looks absolutely ridiculous! (In a lovable, adorable, fabulous way) Phillip said he looks kind of like a lawn gnome and I have to agree, minus the grumpy old man face and beard...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Missing Home...

I was up early today and while I was cleaning bottles in my kitchen I had a horrible wave of home sickness come over me. I thought about what I was going to do today and then what I wanted to do today. I wanted to pack up baby Porter and go over to Audri's to see my Jack-o, or pack up and head to craft day with Aud and Amanda or make plans to go out with friends tonight...

Needless to say none of those things are going to happen and it made me a little sick and very sad.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentines Day to Me!!!!

Many of you heard last month I lost my wedding ring. As all you girls out there know this is a devastating loss... I looked everywhere and decided that I had lost it at Walmart (I had gone grocery shopping that night and noticed it gone when I got home). What a horrible place to lose something valuable, in fact, I can't think of a worse place! I called the store but no one had seen it.

At this point I was 93.6% sure I was never going to see it again but part of me just wanted to think I would magically find it when the snow melted.

Weeks have passed, today while cleaning I pulled out a grocery sack from under the sink and in the process dropped a pile of bags on the floor. I grab one and what do my eyes behold at the bottom MY RING!! No lie, in the bottom of a plastic Walmart bag there it sat.

The moral of my story is prayer is an amazing thing; I have been praying for weeks that it would show even though my odds were not good at all. Heavenly Father blessed me with an early Valentine's Day present and answered my pathetic pleas to find my ring. All is well in my world again.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Make that three...

Do you ever feel like the worst mother ever? I swear every time I turn around there is something else I am missing. As you all probably guessed from my title Baby Porter now has 3 teeth. That is something to be celebrated so why the horrible mother feeling? I had NO idea he was even getting another tooth until this morning when Phillip said "You saw Porter's third tooth, right?" Not felt his third tooth or wondered if it was coming, but saw.

Nope, can't say that I have. Worst mother ever.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Watch him grow

I can't believe my baby is 8 months old! He is constantly changing and here are pictures of some of our big changes from the last month.

Before his first haircut. He had hair sticking out all over the place.

After his haircut!
Porter crawling. He is much quicker now (unfortunately) but still hesitates while I'm in the room cause he thinks I'm going to come and pick him up.

And last but not least his new teeth! I know this is a super good picture but it was the only one that you could see his teeth in so I'm working with it.