Friday, July 26, 2013

The reason

I know, I know... There is always a great excuse as to why we don't update our blogs but mine is semi-legit this time. I'm pregnant with #3! And it has been a rough one; sick, sick, sick, sick, enough said. 

But we are excited to be welcoming a little girl into the family come November and are grateful that the sickness passed just in time for Phillip to leave for his 2 month internship in Billings, MT. That's right, I have been lucky enough to play single mom for the past 8 weeks and I could not be more happy that it is ending TODAY!!! SO SO SO happy that our daddy is coming home today and we can try and get back to "normal" around here (as if there is such thing at our house). 

Some summer "highlights"... 

Happy birthday to my big boy! I'll give you one guess as to the theme of this over the top party. He could not have been happier so all the batman-ing was worth it. 

 There were some not so happy moments; like when your little brother gives you a titty-twister and runs away. While mom does nothing but take a picture. Good mom, I know. 
Another major moment was surviving our first broken bone and ER visit! Porter took a tumble off his new bike and broke a bone near/in his elbow. He was a champion with a cast and I am happy to report he is on the mend and the cast is OFF! 

 Spent father's day with our main man and loved every minute of being together! 
 Played a lot of miniature golf. But Lincoln never learned that the loop on hole 3 is not a slide. He was determined to make it work. 
 Went boating and Lincoln was in heaven! He sat on the back and just took in the wind and waves like a champ. He loved it! 

All in all it has been a good summer with great friends (that kept mom sane) and lots of quality time with my boys before the next baby arrives. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Project Complete!

I have been meaning to recover my boys rocking chair for a while now and thanks to some encouragement and help from a great friend I finally jumped in and got it done! 

It is pretty awesome to cross it off my list and I think it turned out pretty cute. I'll let the pictures do the talking... 

The only change I made was to not put the buttons back on so I can remove it for washing whenever necessary (which will be often I'm sure:). 

One down and a million to go; I love the unending project list!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Snow, snow, snow and some Soccer

We got a killer storm on Monday and then it warmed up so we could get the boys outside. They loved it and we had awesome neighbors to share the fun with. I love where we live!

Porter's preschool class went to the dinosaur museum and he LOVED it! Phillip went along as a chaperon and he was so grateful to come home with just one preschooler.

Porter's soccer season started and it is so fun to watch! It is like herding cats but they get so excited about any contact with the ball. He ran his little heart out (so much so it was hard to walk the next day, opps).  

We are excited for spring to come but are having fun trying to pass the rest of winter.

Monday, February 25, 2013

To my children...

This is a post for my boys to read someday. It is a big "I'm sorry!" if I have ever been impatient or less than 100% sympathetic when you have had ear infections.

The universe gave me the opportunity to experience double ear infections over the weekend and it was the most pain I've been in hands down (with maybe the exception of child birth). They are terrible and any amount of crying/whining your kids do when they have ear infections is completely justified!!

Lucky for me my handsome husband took over and nursed not just me but 2 sick kids back to health. It is 3 days since first feeling them and while still painful I see a light at the end of the tunnel and think I'll live:)

 Nothing like a cookie to make you feel better. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Holidays 2012

Happy New Year! The end of 2012 flew by, as the holidays usually do, and we had a great time seeing family and friends celebrating together. We are so lucky to have such great people in our lives. I'll rewind to Halloween and catch you up to the new year. 

I took the boys home in Oct. and Grandma and Grandpa had this "little" surprise for Porter. He was so thrilled with his giant pumpkin! 
 Got back to Laramie in time to celebrate the big day with dad at the Law school. 
 Porter was of course Buzz Lightyear, because it was impossible for him to fathom being anything else. O well, it was easy for mom and he was so happy that everyone thought he was the real Buzz. 
 Lincoln was a lion and it worked perfectly because a). he was adorable and b). he growls at everyone as his preferred form of communication. 
 Porter got to go to school as Buzz and to his amazement his best buddy at school was dressed as Jessie. Cute! And we didn't even plan it, we're just that good. 
Phillip had class so I did the trunk-or-treat solo and it was interesting. Thank heavens for good friends that save the day during Lion size melt downs. 
Dad helped carve the giant pumpkin and the slightly smaller Lincoln pumpkin. Porter loved it and chose "Captain Hook" as the face for his pumpkin. 
  Not bad! Phillip may have some artist in him, buried deep of course.

On to November when we celebrated this little guys birthday!
He was of course confused by presents but he got the hang of it when he found out there was things inside. 
We love our Lincoln! He is so different than Porter and I find him in situations like this often. I still have no idea how he got stuck in the wagon with the handle tucked under the shelf... 
Porter learned about Thanksgiving and was so proud of his "hat". I'm still trying to decide what it was cause he looks Greek to me. 
Grandma and Grandpa Wulf came for Thanksgiving and both my boys were in heaven with the extra attention. Grandma is the best at doing whatever they are wanting to do at that moment. We love Grandma!!

December came and we started with Christmas cookies which Porter insisted was playdough, till we baked them. Then he was over the moon for frosting his creations.
It wouldn't be Christmas without a good night of Pirates. And yes my one year old does have a sword. And no I don't think it is a good idea. 
Went to Utah to be a part of Phillip's little brothers wedding. It was so cold that day but the sun was out in full force. This is the only picture I took at the temple, awful I know.
My beautiful family that can't look all in one direction to save our lives. 
All the Wulf cousins.
This is the best group shot I got at the luncheon and it about sums up the picture experience for this wedding. My boys were SO naughty! Sorry Andy and McKenzie!! We are so glad to have her in the family. 
Porter finally understood Christmas this year! The nativity, Christ's birthday and Santa (his favorite) were all part of the fun this year and he was so excited.
Lincoln not so excited... He didn't even wake up til half way through the festivities.
 There was an epic Nerf battle following breakfast and I'd say we won; only because there was no crying at the end:)
Snow, snow and more snow.

For New Years all the Gardiner siblings got together in Utah and it was a good time to be together. Always chaotic with 17 kids under 12 but always a great party! Mom and Dad are serving in the Houston, TX mission and were missed but we are so grateful for their service. 

This is everyone that was still awake that night. 
 My five siblings (and yes we are as happy as we all look:) Left to right: Henri, Bengi, Audri, Me, & Cheri. 

All in all a great Holiday season. We wish you all a Happy New Year and wonderful things to come in 2013!