Sunday, October 9, 2011

One Month

One more month... Saying that should make me feel better but somehow it just sounds depressing. A whole month of no sleep, feet in my ribs, heartburn that is seriously killing me, waddling around, blah blah blah... All you mothers out there know the drill.

Like Phillip says "it is only a month!" So why does another month sound so awful?!? To end this rant on a high note: At least I'm not an elephant I'd have like 16 months to go (not to mention I'd be birthing an elephant). :)


Lindsey Jensen said...

You are seriously adorable!! I totally know how you feel and I feel your pain. It's crazy though how the second you have your baby you forget all about it... at least I did!! Good luck girl, can't wait to see pics of that sweet babe!! Hang in there!!

BECKY said...

you look great! i'm so excited for you to hold that little one! here's to a fast month!

Jenn and Chris Rasmussen said...

Oh Maggie I love your out look. You also look great.

Pressett Family said...

oh the last month...I am so sorry! so so sorry!
I can still remember the feeling... it sucks. Sorry, no sugar coating that one. But you look good if that helps!