Thursday, September 1, 2011

Playing catch up

Does it ever feel like "catch up" is the only mode available in life? Around here that is my middle name :)

School started a few weeks ago for Phillip and so far so good. We don't see him much but I suppose it makes us appreciate him when we do see him. Porter has adjusted to a new place fairly well and has taken some big steps; he now sleeps in a big boy bed (and stays put ALL night), no more bottles (I know a bit late), and he doesn't take a rag everywhere we are down to a rag at sleepy time only. If only I had accomplished so much since arriving!

I can't believe August is gone and Summer is coming to a close. I am super excited for fall but I hear fall in Wyoming lasts about 2 weeks and then we are on to winter so I am a little afraid to say goodbye to summer. The last few months of summer were good ones and we had the opportunity to spend time with a lot of family. A big thank you to everyone who we stayed with! I will recap some of the month in pictures, much more fun than me rambling...

Porter LOVED the beach! We went to Bear Lake with my family and had an awesome time. 

Then off to Wyoming to see Phillip's family. Porter was especially fond of Grandpa. But notice the clock next to him. 9pm and we are still working on getting him to bed. Yea 10 or 11 was normal bedtime this summer :(
Porter spent a lot of time in the water. He has a nasty habit of drinking the water so I try and avoid public pools, for obvious reasons. But watering the plants with grandpa was just as good, and he could do it in his pjs. 

Went to the fair and Porter was afraid of the animals, go figure. However, he was over the moon for the rides!!! So much so that taking him off the rides was painful to say the least. He threw the BIgGEsT fit I have ever seen from him every time we took him off. So my father-in-law being the good sport he is just handed the man a fist full of tickets and said "let him ride". No wonder Grandpa is Porter's favorite.

We learned a bowl full of uncooked rice could provide hours of entertainment, who knew?
This is the best updated shot of pregnant me I could find. I am just over 6 months in this pic. 
Back to SLC and to the zoo! Audri was awesome and took all 6 of her munchkin's out for a zoo day which was no easy task (see picture below). We  got to see our good friends the Becksteads from Mass. (and  failed to take a picture)... O and did I mention it was raining cats and dogs half the time. Thanks for being such a trooper Aud!  

FINALLY after a month of being apart, Phillip came home!!! We all jumped for joy; well not me but only because at my size it goes against all the rules of gravity. I was SO happy to have him back! Side note:  here is a shout out to all you moms who go it alone; so hard!!! 
Happily reunited we moved to Wyoming and celebrated our 4 year anniversary. To celebrate we unpacked boxes because that is what you do when your life is in boxes. But we documented with a picture, not a good one, but a picture to remember this crazy time. Phillip promised that next year we would celebrate 5 years with no moving. I will hold him to it.


BECKY said...

fun catch up. life looks good!

Anonymous said...

I love that you blog. I don't ever know what to say. But you make it look easy and fun! You look fantastic. Porter is a cutie. It was fun to see some pix too. You are so funny...and sarcastic LOL Love you!!!!


Whittney Clark said...

Glad you guys are getting settled in. Moving is never any fun. Period.

Pressett Family said...

Glad you made it ok. Life here isn't the same without you! It is boring! Happy you are doing well!