Sunday, April 22, 2012

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...

So when you go missing for a month it is usually because you are super busy, or out of town, or doing great fun things and have no time to blog. That is not the case for us. Since spring break we have been SICK. Is that possible? O yes, I'm afraid so. 

We came home from spring break with a nasty cold, and the following week we mixed in the flu. After two weeks of taking turns we were finally feeling better Easter weekend. But I should have known better; Easter weekend was just the "eye of the storm". On Monday Lincoln started acting sick again and I figured the cold was back. Nope. I took him to the Dr. after a few days of misery and woe, and sure enough it was RSV with a side of Bronchiolitis. Porter came down with it soon after. As if that wasn't enough, the universe sent us ear infections and pink eye too. You all know sick kids are the pits but add and sick husband, a huge paper due, and nice weather that makes your toddler want nothing more than to be outside and you have a killer combo for mom. 

Happy to report that we are on the mend! I made it to church for the first time in 6 weeks today! 6 weeks of sick kids. BOO! But all those sick days will make the coming weeks so much better!

I think this is funny cause it looks like they are watching together. 
 Easter Sunday or the "eye of the storm"
 Lincoln now sits by himself. All that crying must have been good for his tummy muscles, poor guy.
 A rare moment of peace. 
 I ran my first 5K with Phillip in the middle of all this. Phillip was a champ and did it sick and I ran to the end after only running once before to prepare. Not bad considering :) 
 Porter aka "Peter Pan" got all dressed up and fought Captain Hook aka Dad in an epic battle. Complete with a sweet hat quickly fashioned out of his brother's rag. 
 Lincoln doing ta-du-ta-dus. He is quite good at them. 
 We did a lot of building with the new blocks G-pa Brad made us. Thank heavens for toys and movies!
A HUGE thank you to every body who helped or called to make sure we were alive. We are SO glad to be feeling better!


Amber said...

Wow, that stinks! At least you are all feeling better!

si tu veux said...

super cute boys.
super sad you were sick.
super missing you guys.

love ya!
stacie 4 lawrences

The Carters said...

Okay, so I am officially jealous that you could run a 5k with no training. It took me months to work up to "running" (aka jogging slowly) 3 miles. You rock.

Jenn and Chris Rasmussen said...

Talk about horrible health luck, I am sorry maybe this will count for the next year and you will be sick free.