Friday, November 12, 2010

Why I don't blog more...

 I know "not having enough time" is a pretty bad excuse because let's face it we make time for the things that are important to us, but we have been busy lately with a bit more than usual...

The end of October passed in a blur. We spent a day at the temple getting to see three amazing families from our ward sealed. One family in particular is special to us because we had the opportunity to be at their last sealing in Utah when they adopted their first and now the family is complete! That night we hosted a party for the families and had a great time with friends.

Then Halloween came and that meant the ward Halloween Party which I've heard went great. (I honestly don't remember much I was running around like a chicken with no head.) But I do have this one picture to document the day. Poor Porter was so ornery from the crazy day setting up that I didn't put him in his costume. However, he did eat an amazing amount of cheese puffs and that seemed to make the party worth it for him.
The next day we had the missionaries and a few families over for a Halloween dinner that turned out surprisingly good. (I am not an amazing kind of cook but I got lucky)

Just a week later we started planning our Thanksgiving extravaganza. It will be our first away from home so we have to make it big, right? And of course a week after Thanksgiving is the Ward Christmas Party. Don't worry, I learned my lesson from Halloween and will not start planning until a week before :) 

In between all the parties I have worked on a few projects; here are the completed ones: 

 And no post about what we have been up to would be complete without a few pictures of my delicious baby. PS It is nearly impossible to take him seriously in this coat and hat!


BECKY said...

Thanks for the update!!!

The Carters said...

You fetcher. No more making cute crafty things without me. Great job though, everything is super cute. Glad to hear the party turned out good too!