Thursday, June 24, 2010


I know I have pushed procrastination to a whole new level when it is almost July and I'm just posting about life in May. I should win some kind of award; I'll look into that soon (so sometime in October).

At the end of May I had a cousin from St. George visit so we finally took some time to visit some of the wonders of New England. A big thank you to our great friends the Becksteads for hitting Boston with us, the amazing Palmers for showing us Cambridge, and of course Shelly for visiting.

On Harvard's campus.                                        

   Porter now has a thing for baby pacifiers. Too bad he gave them up at 5 months! 

    In front of the Charles river that separate Boston from Cambridge. Phillip went sailing that day and loved it!

On the water taxi in Boston. Porter was trying to jump overboard the whole time we were on the taxi and while we waited at the dock he watched me and would make a "run" for it if he thought I wasn't looking.
Porter's first trip to the ocean! Newport Beach in Rhode Island is beautiful but has freezing water. Porter was not a fan of the 0 degree water and he was ok on the sand until the water would wash it out from under his feet.
It was a great week of good food, friends, and fun. I already feel like I need to do it again...

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Greg and Sarah said...

i am so sad i didn't get to see you more than the five minutes when you were here. :( things were a little hectic. i'm sorry! your little trip in may looked like fun! and off subject...are you watching the bachelorette?!?!