Saturday, June 26, 2010

June Part 1

We celebrated Porter's first birthday on the 1st and it was a bust. Phillip was in Cambridge for work that day and so he didn't get home till 7 (darn Boston traffic!). I kept Porter awake so he could have his moment and cupcake, unfortunately he wanted to go to bed at 5. Looking back I realize I should have given in...

He cried through us singing to him and looked at us like we were lunatics when we said to eat the cupcake. Needless to say dad fed him about 2 bites, I took 5 pictures, and we put the kid out of his misery and let him go to sleep. Good parenting 101 : A one year old does not care about their birthday!

The next day we flew to Utah to watch Audri's kids for 2 weeks while she went to France. It was a trip for sure. Side note: 2 babies is OVERRATED! Any one with twins you are my hero. Seriously.

We had a week in Idaho with my parents (who saved my life, or the kids lives depends on how you look at it) and then my in-laws drove down to visit for the weekend. It was great to see everyone and it reminded me how blessed I am to have such great parents (including my husbands). We went to the park, had picnics, I went on a date a night with each one of the kids, and got to see old friends that I miss horribly.

Porter and Max playing together at Grandmas. Poor Max kept falling in the toy box :)

 At the park with Grandpa and the kids. Clayton made it all the way to the top of a random pole to rind the bell and stayed up there till I had taken his picture. Quin and Jack were so funny on the teeter-totor; Jack is 3 Quin is 7 but it seemed pretty even as they went back and forth. No wonder we call him fat Jack :)
 Aunt Cheri and the cousins came to visit and I can't believe how fast they are all growing! This is Cheri's baby Troy, who is definitely not a baby anymore.

Porter had a great time playing with Grandma and Grandpa Wulf and Joseph.

A big thank you to everyone who we got to see! Ben and Karin for helping with kids, Amanda for drinking soda with me, the girls for going to Cafe Rio, and family for making time for us! It was a great trip and my biggest thank you goes to Porter for being SO nice on the planes. He was an angel; so unlike him but I'll take it :)


WX Ences said...

Oh ya! Love the update and all the pics! Hope you are doing well. Just a side note, we don't talk anymore. Are you too good for me now or are you still mad about having to spend two weeks with my hoard?!
Either way, I still love you! Porter is a doll and when I went to mom's I noticed a pic of you and I was SHOCKED at how similar you and Porter are...I would have sworn he was his father's son...apparently he's also he mother's son. Who knew?!?!?!?!

WX Ences said...

I meant 'his' not 'he', just so you know and I don't get a lecture on my grammar or spelling.

BECKY said...

Super happy post! Six kids... you guys are troopers! How funny about his first birthday... I kinda wish I could see a pic of how unhappy he was! I'll remember that for the future!

Rachel said...

it was so good to see you!! and I can't believe we didn't even get a picture...who are we?! when do you come back next? bummed we didn't get to see you a second time before you left, but hope you had a great time.

ps clint still hasn't stay tuned.

Amber said...

haha, I literally chuckled when I read your description of Porter's birthday. I'll have to keep all that in mind.