Friday, July 26, 2013

The reason

I know, I know... There is always a great excuse as to why we don't update our blogs but mine is semi-legit this time. I'm pregnant with #3! And it has been a rough one; sick, sick, sick, sick, enough said. 

But we are excited to be welcoming a little girl into the family come November and are grateful that the sickness passed just in time for Phillip to leave for his 2 month internship in Billings, MT. That's right, I have been lucky enough to play single mom for the past 8 weeks and I could not be more happy that it is ending TODAY!!! SO SO SO happy that our daddy is coming home today and we can try and get back to "normal" around here (as if there is such thing at our house). 

Some summer "highlights"... 

Happy birthday to my big boy! I'll give you one guess as to the theme of this over the top party. He could not have been happier so all the batman-ing was worth it. 

 There were some not so happy moments; like when your little brother gives you a titty-twister and runs away. While mom does nothing but take a picture. Good mom, I know. 
Another major moment was surviving our first broken bone and ER visit! Porter took a tumble off his new bike and broke a bone near/in his elbow. He was a champion with a cast and I am happy to report he is on the mend and the cast is OFF! 

 Spent father's day with our main man and loved every minute of being together! 
 Played a lot of miniature golf. But Lincoln never learned that the loop on hole 3 is not a slide. He was determined to make it work. 
 Went boating and Lincoln was in heaven! He sat on the back and just took in the wind and waves like a champ. He loved it! 

All in all it has been a good summer with great friends (that kept mom sane) and lots of quality time with my boys before the next baby arrives. 


JoshandMegs said...

holy moly! 8 weeks! I'd throw myself a party when that was over ;)
Congratulations on number 3!

Zack, Shannon and Oliver said...

Just looking to see what you are up to, see some pics, you know. Missing you all.

Amber said...

Hey congrats you guys!! Number three and it's a girl!! And wow way congrats on surviving 8 weeks all solo...that deserves an award! Glad you guys are doing well!

Caleb and Loleen said...

Congrats on number 3 and that it is a girl. That is so exciting and I am so happy for your little family.