Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Update

It has been a busy month since Spring has FiNAlLY come! Porter is completely in love with "outside" and has learned that the best way to play is dirty. The picture below is how we usually start our play ground trips and then...

Some how this is always how we go home. *sigh* O well, good thing dirt is a boy's best friend cause he finds it everywhere. Along with spring came the rain but Porter still finds a way to enjoy himself in the bad weather, lucky me.

We celebrated Easter and Porter was much more interested this year. We went to the ward egg hunt and he was walking around signing "candy" all morning. He was upset when he had to stop for pictures (silly mom)!

 He definitely had an upper hand on the other kids because dad hunted with him and found all the hard to reach eggs. Lucky boy!

On Easter Sunday Porter hunted for his Easter basket and he was so excited about what the "rabbit" had brought. Yes, his mouth is full of candy and the giant bubble gun is amazing!  
Here is the long version of him hunting for his bucket (I know it's a bit much but the grandparents are far away). All the furniture was everywhere because we had tables set up for the Easter lunch we had with friends. The lunch turned out great and as usual I forgot to take pictures of the "grownups". Opps...

Happy Spring everyone! 

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