Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring where are you?

I have yet to post about my nemesis "The New England Winter"; probably because I've used all that time moving snow! (Ok who am I kidding, I shoveled once. The other 70+ inches Phillip moved.) But I thought I'd post some pictures to share what we've been enjoying here since January. 

Our first storm about 1/2 way through.

Mid January after yet another storm...

Our front door that we don't use for obvious reasons. 

Porter, like his mother, doesn't get why we hang out in the cold. He does not dig the snow.

But he hung on like a champion and no one was hurt in our sledding adventures. 

Phillip didn't give up on him and took him out again, but the results were the same he just didn't love it. The beauty of this is now it is two against one on moving to Arizona, or anywhere it doesn't snow. 


BECKY said...

wow... and over here we've got nothing!

The Carters said...

Eff the snow. I will move to Arizona with you.